Can I Receive a Green Card when in the U.S. on H-3 Status?

Cambridge green card lawyerAn H-3 visa allows individuals to enter and live in the U.S. temporarily in order to receive professional training; as such, it is approved with the understanding that your intention is to return to your home country once training is completed. A Woburn green card lawyer can help you determine what type of visa is best for you, but using an H-3 to obtain a green card is generally not a good idea.

A Cambridge Green Card Lawyer Discusses Conflicting Intentions

Applicants for H-3 visas are, in effect, saying that they plan to return home at some point. Green card applicants, by contrast, are attempting to enter the U.S. on at least a semi-permanent basis. If you enter the country on an H-3, and then apply for a green card, two issues may arise:

  • Your H-3 status may be compromised.
  • You may appear to have entered the country under false pretenses (with the real intention of gaining work status).

Keep in mind that you are allowed to apply for a green card while on an H-3; it is simply that by doing so you may be opening yourself up to difficulties. If your real intention from the first is to gain permanent work status, it is generally better to apply for the green card initially. While it will take more time to process—up to several years—ultimately you may be more likely to gain the status you truly seek.

If You Do Apply This Way

If you do decide to apply for a green card while in the country on an H-3 visa, it is in your best interests to work with a Woburn green card lawyer. This is especially true if, while awaiting the results of your green card application, your temporary training status is not extended. In such a case you may run into laws regarding inadmissibility.

For Further Information

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