Don’t Fail to Tell USCIS if You Move

A particularly easy trap to fall into is not reporting within the time constraints that you have moved. USCIS takes such a failure very seriously, to the extent that you can be deported—or worse. If you have moved without notifying USCIS, speak with a Woburn immigration lawyer at once to determine your options.

A Little-Known Rule

Cambridge immigration lawyerWhat was then the Immigration and Naturalization Service was given new authority in 2002 with an immigration law which made it illegal for a green card holder to fail to report a move within ten days. Initially the rule was not enforced rigorously, but has become more so with the development of more stringent security measures following 9/11.  As your Woburn immigration lawyer will tell you, the punishment can include fines and removal from the country, but can even lead to imprisonment.

How to Provide the Necessary Notification

The process of notifying USCIS is actually quite simple: simply fill out a Form AR-11 and make sure it reaches the office within ten days of your move. This is most easily accomplished by filing the form online at On the home page of this site is a link to the form under “Change Your Address Online.” If you do file through the mail, make sure to photocopy your application and send it by certified mail.

Note that you cannot use one form for your entire family. Rather, you will need to fill out individual forms for each family member. The last address that you are to provide is your most recent address in the U.S., not elsewhere. If you have another application with USCIS for some matter, it is vital that you file a separate AR-11 form with the appropriate office.

If You Are Late

If you are late in filing Form AR-11 make sure you work with a Cambridge immigration attorney to determine how best to handle the situation. USCIS does have the power to forgive a failure if it is clear that it was unintentional. Nearly always you should file right away after discovering your error to demonstrate this.

For Legal Assistance

If you have forgotten to notify USCIS about a move or have another immigration matter, call an experienced and dedicated Woburn immigration attorney at Ionson Law: (781) 674-2562.

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