Marriage Interviews on an I-130 Filing

Green card attorney in Cambridge MAUSCIS is ever-vigilant and concerned about the potential for fraud. When a couple plans to marry, and one member is a foreign national seeking residence on an I-130, a suspicion of fraud is almost second nature to officers. A green card attorney will suggest that you do not become offended if you are asked to submit to a marriage interview, and simply comply.

Specific Issues That Raise Suspicion

The fact that one member of a couple does not have residence status is not generally the controlling factor in USCIS determining that a marriage interview is in order. Your green card attorney will discuss in greater detail specific issues that elicit suspicion, but the most common are:

  • The marriage is very recent.
  • A great difference in cultural values and practices exists between the members.
  • A great age disparity exists.

It should be noted that marriage interviews are not as often demanded when an I-130 is filed at a U.S. consulate.

The Nature of the Marriage Interview

The precise nature of the interview, and questions that might be asked, depends largely on the interviewer, himself. You can expect that the interview will be videotaped, and you and your spouse may be interviewed together, separately, or both.

Your green card attorney can somewhat prepare you for the sorts of questions you may be asked, but generally the officer wants to gain a sense that you do, in fact, live together and are in a relationship that is not merely on paper. To this end the officer may ask you about such things as:

  • Friends in common.
  • Places you like to go together.
  • How you divide chores at home.
  • What your home looks like.
  • How you met, and/or your first date.

A common concern with couples is that they might be expected to reveal more intimate aspects of their relationship. USCIS policy discourages the officer from asking embarrassing questions, but at times certain more delicate questions may be deemed necessary, particularly if other answers seem insufficient to prove that the two are truly a couple. Ultimately the best advice is simply to be prepared for any questions that may be asked.

For Further Questions or Legal Assistance

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