The Importance of Working with an Immigration Attorney

Immigration law is very complex; just trying to determine the best method for gaining admission into, and residency in the U.S. depends on many factors. As such, those who seek immigration often fall into the trap of hiring non-lawyers to do what really only an immigration attorney is qualified to do.

Why Non-Attorneys Are Not Really Helpful

Cambridge immigration attorneyFrom the outset of your pursuit or gaining residence an attorney can prove useful. The application process is complex and delicate—make a minor error in declaration, or omit something, and you face being turned down. An immigration attorney can help take the guesswork out of the application process, as well as guide you all the way through the process to a successful outcome.

Unfortunately, many individuals try to pass themselves off as possessing immigration expertise without having the necessary credentials. If the person does not possess a law degree and membership in a state bar, or have training under an attorney, he is not really qualified to help with more than minor details on the application. Among the titles such individuals often use are immigration consultant, notary public, and immigration specialist.

Determining a Consultant’s Qualifications

If you are unsure of whether an individual is actually an attorney you should ask for his bar number. Legitimate lawyers generally display these in their offices and ads. You can then verify the number by contacting the state bar association.

Other individuals who may be able to provide knowledgeable assistance are certified paralegals and accredited representatives. The latter receive training from a licensed immigration attorney and are recognized formally by USCIS as qualified to assist applicants. Such individuals can also represent clients in court.

For Further Assistance and Information

You face a much better chance of gaining admission and residence in the U.S. if you work with an immigration attorney. For assistance or information call Ionson Law today at (781) 674-2562.

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