Woburn Business Lawyers

Our Woburn business lawyers at Ionson Law seek to cost-effectively mitigate the stress and the headaches associated with forming or running a business. To that end, we offer a wide variety of services.

Transactional Law

The business transactional law services that we cost-effectively offer to single-member companies, as well as to larger entities, cover a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, choice of entity, entity formation, entity financing, contracts, employment considerations, regulatory compliance and corporate governance. We’ll help you deal with the issues you have now and help you identify and prevent potential problems that could impede your future success.

If you’re just forming a business, we can help you select the best form of legal entity and management structure for your business. As your business moves into operation and progresses, we can help with corporate governance, statutory compliance, as well as drafting, negotiating, or reviewing various contracts, such as employment or work-for-hire contracts.

Tax Planning

Additionally, many business entities require careful tax planning. Ionson Law can work with you and your accountant to protect your business from a tax-consequence perspective. We can work with a new venture to set up an advantageous tax-planning model or assist you in changing the existing structure of your business to a model that is more tax-advantageous. Additionally, we can assist you in determining the tax consequences of particular transactions.

Negotiation and Litigation

Our Woburn business lawyers can provide the necessary transactional foundation that can go a long way to protect you and your business but there could be times when you need a battle-tested and aggressive litigation attorney by your side.

Commercial Real Estate

Ionson Law also provides real estate services to assist you in a variety of commercial situations, including lease drafting and review. Among other things, our transactional  lawyers can assist you in preparing purchase and sale agreements, deeds and promissory notes, as well as provide title and zoning-compliance reviews.

Let our Woburn business lawyers help you make the right legal decision when starting your business or undertaking a major transaction. Call us at 781-674-2562 to learn more.