Woburn Immigration Attorney for Green Cards, Visas, and All Other Immigration Needs

The United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) is a huge bureaucracy and immigration law is filled with traps for the unwary.  Attempting to handle your own immigration matter can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming.  Sometimes, a case that appeared to be straightforward develops serious complications.  Suddenly, you may find yourself in over your head.  For these reasons, most individuals and businesses will find that help from an experienced Woburn immigration attorney can make a big difference.

Our Immigration Services

A Woburn immigration attorney at Ionson Law can assist you with any immigration issue including:

Green cards for—

Spouses and fiancés
Other family members
Visa lottery winners

Non-immigrant visas in all categories including–

H-1B visas for skilled workers
H-2B visas for temporary workers
L-1 visas for employees of international companies
F-1 student visas
F-1 and B-2 visas for travel for business, pleasure, or medical treatment.

Inadmissibility problems and removal (deportation) proceedings

Asylum applications


Let Us Help with Your Immigration Problem

A knowledgeable Woburn immigration attorney can:

  • Evaluate whether you qualify for a green card or visa.
  • Help you remove or get a waiver of a condition that may make you inadmissible to the U.S.
  • Guide you through the complicated visa application process ensuring that your applications are completed correctly and supported by the appropriate documentation.
  • Explain to immigration authorities orally and in writing how your situation fits within the legal requirements.
  • Help you avoid mistakes that can delay your visa or green card or even prevent you from getting one.
  • Cut through USCIS red tape to find lost applications.
  • Prepare you for interviews.
  • Represent you in removal (deportation) proceedings.

Contact a Woburn Immigration Attorney Today!

For answers to your immigration questions and an assessment of your immigration issue, contact a Woburn immigration attorney at Ionson Law today.  To schedule a free consultation consultation, phone us at (781) 674-2562.

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