Comp. tech submitted ledger of $ owed to date thru Oct. Is now submitting 8+ month old bills that weren't on ledger. Pls Advise: What is the law regarding contractors submitted very old invoices after providing client with a balance due that doesn't include the old invoices now being submitted? Thank you.

Asked about 5 years ago in Business

David’s answer: I agree with Attorney Johnson. You should request an accounting from the contractor that outlines all outstanding invoices, preferably dated and itemized. Do you have a master services agreement with the contractor? If so, this document could outline the procedure for submitting invoices and how they should be paid.

If the invoices are legitimate and the contractor actually provided the requested services, but was not compensated, you could likely be subject to some liability if you do not pay them.

Depending upon the amounts involved and your relationship with the contractor, you might want to consult with an attorney if a dispute arises to ensure you are protected.

Many lawyers in the Boston area, including myself, offer free consultations should the need arise.

Answered about 5 years ago.