Contracts are a fact of life and, like it or not, many individuals and businesses enter into contracts on a daily basis without knowing the full scope and ramifications of the agreements. More often than not there are no disputes, but it only takes one contractual dispute to realize that a properly drafted, unambiguous contract could have avoided the dispute or tipped the scale in your favor. Our Woburn business lawyers are here to provide you with the information and advice that you will need to make an informed decision.

If you are in a service business, it is desirable to have contracts outline what services you provide and exactly what you are responsible for. A simple but properly drafted contract goes a long way toward protecting your rights. Let our Woburn business lawyers help you! Conflicts often arise from lack of understanding or ambiguity about what the customer expected and paid for and what you agreed to provide or delivered. A service contract is a powerful instrument that can be used to protect your name and, if properly drafted, can be a powerful tool to assert your rights and avoid costly litigation. If a dispute does go to litigation, a proper and well-crafted contract can often mean the difference between being awarded a judgment and losing your case.

If you sell goods, you will have contracts with vendors and/or your customers. Similar to service contracts, these goods contracts protect both parties as they outline a mutual understanding of the respective obligations and rights of each. If you are in a retail business, you want to ensure that you have a clear return policy to protect your business from unwarranted returns or attacks from consumers on unfair practices.

Improperly drafted or ambiguous contracts, however, can lead to disastrous results, as it becomes unclear who is responsible for what and what the rights of the other party actually are. In these cases, a judge will try to interpret the contact according to the each party’s intent, but this could lead to an interpretation that you did not anticipate when you originally entered an arrangement.

Additionally, as a business grows you could require a commercial storefront, office space, or even warehousing to store your products. Each of these transactions involves contracts that, if not properly construed, could have long-term negative impact on the operation of your business.

At Ionson Law, our Woburn business lawyers will prepare documentation that clearly and properly reflects your understanding of the transaction to protect your interests. In many instances, we can create customized templates for transactions that will or are likely to repeatedly occur. It will then be easy for you to prepare similar documents on your own in the future, saving on your legal fees.

Of course, our Woburn business lawyers are also here to review your documents or prepare new ones that veer from any template.

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