Business Rights to Debt Collection

The ability to collect payments owed is the life blood of a business. Debtors who shirk their obligations can cause serious financial difficulties for businesses; if such is your situation you need to speak with a Woburn debt collections lawyer, for you have legal rights.

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Rights of the Debtor

Debtors are obliged to pay for goods and services rendered. However, they are given the benefit of due process, and it is important to follow the proper protocol to avoid legal difficulties. You may not, for instance, contact a third party about the debt. You must work with the individual or business directly.

Needless to say, you are not allowed to resort to threats, regardless of how heated a phone conversation gets. You are allowed, however, to send written demands for payment. These should clearly indicate the amount of the debt and what it is for. If the debt is sizable, you may wish to work with a Woburn debt collections lawyer. Otherwise, if other means fail, you may want to hire a debt collection agency.

The Collection Process

Once late payment notices go unanswered, and phone calls fail to gain a response, you will either have to simply write off the debt or take other recourse. A lawyer has more clout in seeking recovery of debts, but you will need to determine whether the debt is substantial enough to offset legal costs. A lawyer will:

  1. Assess the debtor: Your lawyer will investigate the debtor to determine whether he has assets that can be attached. If the debtor personally guaranteed the debt, this gives you more power in recovery.
  2. Preparation of motions for pre-judgment security: Your Woburn debt collections lawyer will develop the legal documents necessary to freeze assets through liens and ex parte attachments. Once you win in court it collecting the debt will be much easier.
  3. Hire the sheriff: The county sheriff’s office has the power to seize bank accounts and other assets.

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Your business has a right to collect debts owed to it. While collecting can be arduous at times, having a Woburn debt collections lawyer in your corner can facilitate matters significantly. Call the Law Offices of David Ionson for a consultation today at (781) 674-2562.



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